Dealing sustainably with your inner climate

16/08/2024 18:00 - 18/08/2024 16:00
Dealing sustainably with your inner climate

Are you also looking forward to space to experience connection with yourself and others?

A weekend of self-care with Emotional Bodywork ® (ELW®)

We can no longer ignore it: 'Standing up for and thinking about a sustainable and livable environment are more important today than ever...'.

As human beings, we are also part of nature. Hence this warm invitation to reflect on your inner climate and pay attention to the challenges and themes that live within yourself.
This time we are not talking about sorting, taking your bike, saving water ... No, this invitation wants to inspire you to give the same care to the Earth, also to yourself.

"Deal sustainably with your inner climate"

Do you want to learn to listen to the wisdom of your own body signals?

Do you want to develop space to connect with your inner self?

We would like to welcome you to this weekend self-care with Emotional Bodywork ®.

Would you prefer to explore this topic individually? welcome for an individual session


Basic principles of body-centered work for coaches and therapists

09/09/2024 10:00 - 13/01/2025 17:30
Basic principles of body-centered work for coaches and therapists

This experiential 5-day for coaches/therapists teaches you some basic principles in body-centered work.

The first 4 days are thematic. We work around grounding/grounding, emotion work, breathing and boundaries. Each theme day is very experiential with practical exercises, where you make contact with your own body and what you can feel in it. These are interspersed with background information. We also explore how you can use these experiences in your own client work.

For example: How can I stay grounded myself during a session? How does it affect me when someone falls into sadness or anger? How can I stay with myself and at the same time open up to the client/coachee? How can I keep breathing in a relaxed way? What happens in me when a client approaches my boundaries? How do I react? Etc....

At the end of the day there is room for integration of what you learned/experienced that day.

The 5th day we come together for supervision where you can deepen what you encountered in practice.