Below you can find an overview of the possible workshops taking place in Diksmuide or on location. Current workshops with individual registrations can be found in the agenda. Is there currently nothing on the agenda and would you like to be kept informed? Please let me know. This motivates me to plan there again.

Would you like one of these workshops or another one tailored for your organization, team, group: super, that you will grant this to your group. I look forward to hearing from you.

For some workshops, you will see that you can be introduced to a trust-based payment method.
There are then 3 price categories so you can decide what you pay according to what feels right for you and your budget and what you want to contribute. Together we can make sure that everyone can get acquainted with emotional bodywork® and experience what it is like to come home to your body a little more.

Your body speaking

In the workshops Your Body at the Word we explore different themes such as: pace, balance, letting go, grounding, boundaries.

We will discover and experience these themes through emotional bodywork. A moment of getting acquainted, experiencing, exploring, connecting.
With or without experience: everyone is welcome. This can continue as an introduction, 1 time or several evenings where we are on the road with a fixed group.

What are we going to do?

  • We will move, both quietly and actively, and always respecting our own and others' limits.
  • Awareness exercises: learning to become aware of our body posture, breathing, feelings and needs.
  • Breathing: by consciously breathing, we give our body an oxygen cure.
  • Sound: during a number of exercises, we work with sound and our own voice, always in coordination with ourselves and the other participants.

We work with a small group of up to 6 participants in Stuivekenskerke/ on location other numbers possible.

Price: payment method based on trust: choose how much you want to pay.




We all want to experience peace in our inside and outside world. I would like to nurture peace.

How can we embodie peace? In this workshop we will explore what is holding us from our inner peace, and what can help us to experience peace inside and outside. How can we build peace together?

We will explore this in a small group of max. 6 persons.

We all want to experience peace within ourselves and in our outside world. I would like to nurture our peace.

How can we embody peace? In this workshop we explore what keeps us from inner peace and what could possibly help us experience peace within and without. How do we build peace together?

Curious, very welcome.

Feel safe at work

Do you sometimes feel unsafe despite or because of following the various agreements? Or do you feel more anger, fear, sadness, joy, ...? Or do you just feel nothing in sometimes challenging situations. You are not alone.

If this feeling persists then it leads to:

  • emotions settling in your body
  • chronic tension
  • you no longer breathe fully and deeply so that your body receives less oxygen
  • moving is less free
  • more difficult contact with others
  • working together less well
  • less motivation
  • you do not feel good in your skin
  • moving less has a negative effect on your immunity

Fortunately, it doesn't have to come to that.

By participating in the workshops feel safe you will experience what helps you to experience inner peace. So that you also effectively feel safe in and at work, can move fully and you can enjoy working together and the contact with your colleagues. You will go home with a number of tools that you can also apply outside the work situation.

We work with proven methods from emotional bodywork ® and other body-oriented methodologies based on a scientific framework. The workshop takes place outdoors or in a sufficiently large and ventilated space, and together we explore different ways of connecting.

Many people long for this comforting feeling.

Would you like your team to feel connected and safe in the work environment? It can be done! Get in touch. I'm happy to hear from you.

Would you prefer to explore this topic individually? You can do that during an individual session


Dealing sustainably with your inner climate

Becoming aware of the themes living inside yourself can help you understand why you act, walk, communicate, have chronic tensions,...A first step is making contact with your inner world. We do this by addressing the different parts of our nervous system using ELW®. From listening to the inner wisdom of your body we explore what you need at this moment in order to take a step towards a sustainable (re)relationship with your inner climate. Listening to your inner compass is a skill that is also valuable in the context of burn out prevention and/or recovery.Some describe their experience with ELW ® as a form of active mindfulness.

What are we going to do?

  • movement, both quiet and active taking into account everyone's abilities.
  • becoming aware of our movements, posture, breathing, feelings and needs.
  • during a number of work forms we use sound, silence and our own voice.
  • we work both individually and in groups, always in harmony with yourself and the other participants.

If you would like to know more about the contemporary method emotional bodywork®, please feel free to contact us: we are happy to hear from you.

When: We welcome you on Friday from 5 p.m. and wrap up on Sunday at 4 p.m.

Meals: organic and vegetarian

Guidance: Anik Claeys (master L.O.), Veerle Bovyn (osteopath): trainers emotional body work ®

Price: depending on the location

  • Full board (dinner Friday to lunch Sunday)
  • Accommodation on the basis of a double or triple room
  • Sleeping only according to availability and subject to a supplement of € 25/night

More info/inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  tel: 0476 28 66 68