Are you curious about what your body is telling you ? Do you often find yourself in your head?

Curious what you yourself can actively do to deal differently with stress and stored tension in your body? Would you like to experience how you can feel 'good in your skin'?

Would you like to experience how your body posture affects your state of mind?


What are we going to do?

  • We will move, both quietly and actively and always with respect for your own and others' limits.
  • Attention exercises: learning to become aware of our body posture, breathing, feelings and needs.
  • Breathing: by conscious full breathing we give our body an oxygen cure
  • Sound: we sometimes work with music and our own voice. This always in tune with yourself and myself or in workshops with the other participants.

We work according to the method emotional bodywork ®,supplemented with experiential bodywork (ELW), connecting communication, yoga, mindfulness, focusing and EMDR.

ELW is a contemporary way to move your whole being. Often we store emotional tension in our bodies and are not aware of it. Thus, we build up our own body armor. The work forms are aimed at getting your bodymind moving and are based on recent scientific insights.

I guide you in curiously experiencing how you respond to the methods provided, what you feel in doing so. The result is that with regular practice, more energy starts to flow in areas of tension so that you feel more 'comfortable in your skin'. You will be given tools to experience for yourself what makes you feel good or not so good so that you can continue to work with it in your daily life after the sessions. Some describe it as active mindfulness.