1. Is ELW for both men and women?

Yes indeed: both men and women are welcome.


2. what age is this for?

My group sessions are currently geared toward adults otherwise there is no age requirement.

Customized workshops for different target groups can also be provided upon request and customization.


3. I am not athletic or limber, can I participate?

Everyone is welcome with any condition and flexibility. It is not about the performance or the correct execution of the exercises. What you experience is what we focus on.


4. is it similar to yoga or mindfulness?

You may recognize forms of work from yoga, mindfulness or other related methods. There is a range offered and ELW works on our different parts of our nervous system which means there is a good chance that there is something among them that appeals to you. Some refer to it as a kind of active mindfulness or dynamic relaxation.


5 Do I have to tell or share things in the group?

No, you decide what you want to share or not.


6. Isn't it too floaty?

ELW assumes that body and mind influence each other mutually. Because the body is always the basis of the work forms offered, I make sure that the participants and I keep our feet on the ground.)

7. I have a burn out can I participate?

People with burn out are certainly welcome. Elw is a way to learn to feel your limits better. If you are still physically exhausted, please consult your doctor first.