You don't have to believe everything you think....
How hard isn't it sometimes to let go of our thoughts....
Do you feel that this brings certain tensions in your body? Right now, perhaps you recognize that the anxiety around the Coronavirus sight is creeping into your body, so to speak? Do you suffer from a stiff neck or is your body stuck in other places?
Do you find it difficult to schedule time for yourself? After all, there is always so much to do.
What can help you enormously to let go of your thoughts is to focus on your body. Your body is always with you. You can learn to feel your body so that it is like a compass for yourself, a kind of barometer that tells you when you are going into the red at the slightest change and can give you a boost when you do the things that give you energy.
Everyone is born with their own inner compass. You too....

Want to come experience what it's like to listen to your inner compass (gut-feeling)?
Welcome to Snowman knows. We offer both regular group workshops and individual sessions where we let your body do the talking. We use exercises from emotional bodywork®. More information can be found under working methods.

Why the name Snowman Knows?
For me, Snowman knows symbolizes: the playful, the humor, the power of "not knowing," melting, freezing, creativity, being a child, in motion, change, the power of the now, being present. All this from a desire to bring the exploration of your insides closer to people both physically and spiritually. I guide you in this so that you can connect with what is alive within yourself. In full presence with a touch of humor, playfulness, softness and with both feet on the ground.

I was born as Anik Claeys. Anik was the name on my birth card. When registering at City Hall, I bumped into the first lines: Anik was not accepted and it had to become "Annick. This is how I adapted from the very beginning.
During the further course of my life I encountered, perhaps recognizably, more rules and events, which taught me to put on masks at different times.

Because with ELW® we work on moving your bodymind, to get back in touch with your original self, I choose to use my birth name Anik. I also like Anik much more :-)

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Anik Claeys

master LO

begeleider ELW®

geïnspireerd door verbindende communicatie, yoga en mindfulness.